About Us

beGardenly is a landscape artist for your city lifestyle – specializing in transforming apartment balconies and rooms into environmental experiences. We create pre-packaged gardens as well as customized garden designs that will help you breathe, eat and live better by allowing you to easily grow your own organic fruit, vegetables, and herbs in a stylish and sustainable way.

Our Urban Gardening Philosophy

As urban gardening gurus, we believe that city living doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your environment and the benefits of nature in your home. We are dedicated to providing simple and easy solutions to transforming city homes into environmental experiences that are both stylish and functional: providing reliable sources of organic food.

We totally understand that you may not have the greenest thumbs, but our pre-packaged gardens along with our one-on-one consultation services will ensure that no matter your apartment (or house, we don’t discriminate) needs, there is the perfect Begardenlyexperience to fit you and your lifestyle.